Come as you are. Do what you Love.

LIFESAVE Foundation can provide you a great opportunity to reach out and make a real difference to the country! Working with us will give you a career that makes a difference and also gives you:

• A fantastic learning environment where you will learn more in 2-3 years than you would in 5-6 years in most other places.
• A place that emphasizes “doing” over just “thinking”. We love ideas and generate tons of them every day, but we value people who can execute, and don’t have room for just “thinkers”.
• A challenging job that will stretch you and utilize your potential to the fullest provided you can work under tough conditions and constraints. LifeSave Foundation is not the place for those seeking semi-retired existence.
• An ethical organization that itself does and also expects employees to pay taxes and file returns, and places a premium on honesty and integrity, not just at work.

Our positions offer, a simple but lively work environment, modest compensation, a lot of responsibility and freedom and most importantly, the ability to make a difference to a million lives every year.Why work here ?The greatest benefit, according to our staff, is the sense of satisfaction and purpose they experience in their jobs. Perfect for a professional who wants to use his/her education, skills and experience to create lasting change in the lives of children.

Please apply to the position that you believe you are most suited for. We will automatically route you to the most suitable position.
You can EMAIL us your resume for applying:



Address: 603, B67 , Moreshwar Building, Mira Road
Phone: 022-65232666


Registration Number : E-29180
Registration Details : Registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950

Pan Number : AANTS3322A 
All Donations to LIFESAVE Foundation are Exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961


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